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Axle manufacturers to adjust the trailer arm of th

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  Trailer positioning is the main adjustment of the state of the various parts of the trailer.And to measure just adjust the parallelism between the axle and the frame.In the condition of having a good chassis,let's see how to adjust the parallelism of the axle faster,and the three matters that should be paid attention to in the adjustment of the trailer's pull arm:

Inboard drum axle series

  A smooth and clean site is the premise of tuning the trailer:a smooth and clean site can improve the accuracy and speed of tuning.The site influence mainly comes from the left-right deviation.When the left-right deviation is greater than 2CM,it will cause the measurement data to deviate 1cm.In the operation of potholed road surface,it is normal that the measurement deviation is caused by the uneven height of each wheel,so in the flow operation,the influence of the ground will appear a certain measurement deviation.
  Trailer arm adjustment should pay attention to the three matters
  1.When adjusting the pull arm,because the pull arm is mainly acting on the tension,in order to ensure the change trend of the fixed pull rod,we should stretch it after the adjustment and then shorten it to the standard state.When adjusting the pull arm,attention should also be paid to the gap change around it to ensure that the pull arm is in the state of pulling.
  2.When adjusting the wheelbase with large deviation,the pull arm changes about 4mm in one circle of adjusting the pull arm,the wheel edge distance changes about 1cm,and the adjustment proportion is about 1:4.When one side of the movable pulling arm is extended or shortened by 4mm,the fixed pulling arm side will be shortened or extended by 1mm,which is a 4:1 ratio.
  3.When adjusting the wheelbase with a large deviation,we should observe the position of the steel plate at all times to avoid the steel plate sticking to one side,which will affect the tuning effect.(you can use a sledgehammer to adjust the steel plate)in the adjustment of the pull arm when there is more and more adjustable when we should pay special attention,so that the adjustment of the car repair rate is large.

Outboard drum axle series

  Three reasons of trailer tail slashing and their corresponding solutions:
  The car tail is caused by several aspects,the main car running Angle(mainly the driving wheel is not correct,produce thrust Angle),traction pin is not correct(deviation of more than 5mm),the overall deviation of the three axis(positioning reason)we can be measured or road test to judge.
  In general:
  1.If the drive axle is not straight,the trailer will swing its tail to the front of the drive axle.
  2.If the traction pin is not straight,the tail will swing to the direction of the traction pin.
  3.The whole of the three axes is not straight,lean back there and swing tail there.Suggestions can be addressed by targeting their faults.