New technologies and processes are applied to integrally formed axles
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What factors should be considered in choosing the

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  A hub is also called a rim.According to the structural characteristics and use needs of different models,the wheel surface treatment process will also adopt different ways,generally speaking,it can be divided into two kinds:paint baking process and electroplating.Learn more about:


  Ordinary models of the wheel in the appearance of less consideration,good heat dissipation is a basic requirement,the process is usually used paint treatment,that is,first spraying and then electric baking,the cost is relatively economic and beautiful color,maintain time more long,even if the vehicle scrapped,the color of the wheel is still the same.Many Volkswagen model wheel hub surface treatment process is paint baking process.Some fashionable avant-garde,dynamic color wheel hub is also the use of paint technology.
  Electroplating wheel is divided into silver electroplating,water electroplating and pure electroplating and other types.Electroplated silver and water-plated wheels,although bright and vivid in color,have a short retention time and are therefore relatively cheap.Pure electroplating wheel,color retention time is longer,can be said to be of high quality and high price.In the car mostly use pure electroplating wheel hub.
  Hub size is the diameter of the hub,we often hear people say 15 inch hub,16 inch hub such a statement,of which 15,16 inch refers to the size/diameter of the hub.Generally in the car,the wheel size is large,the tire flat ratio is high,can play a very good tension effect in the vision,and the stability of the vehicle control will also increase,but it is obvious that the fuel consumption increases such additional problems.


  Wheel manufacturers suggest that the selection of time to consider three points:size,three distance,shape.The details are as follows
  Size of 1.
  Do not blindly enlarge the wheel hub.In the case of the same tire diameter,the big hub is bound to be matched with wide and flat tires,the transverse swing of the car is smaller,stability has been improved,the bend will be more light.But the flatter the tire,the thinner its thickness,the worse the shock absorption performance,comfort is not so ideal.In addition,in the case of poor roadblocks,tires are easy to damage.Therefore,it is not advisable to blindly increase the hub.Usually,according to the size of the original car hub to increase one or two more appropriate.
  Suggestions don't pick your favorite shape at will,three distance is appropriate or to listen to the advice to consider.
  Shape of 3.
  Complex structure,dense hub is really beautiful,appears to have class.The more popular aluminum alloy wheels,compared with the past iron-cast wheels,deformation resistance has been greatly improved,the weight is greatly reduced,the car power loss is small,run fast,fuel saving and good heat dissipation,for the majority of owners like.