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Is the bigger the wheel hub,the better

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  In addition to the different configuration between the different performance,configuration,the size of the wheel hub is also different.The more expensive the configuration,the larger the hub size,and the sportier and better-looking appearance.But is it really necessary to choose big wheels?What's the difference between normal size and normal size?


  In fact,although the high configuration of the big hub looks very athletic,but also enhance the appearance of the whole body of the class,but it is not so impeccable,in the advantages of the same time also have to bear part of the shortcomings.The large size of the hub can provide us with better handling,the larger the hub is,the lower the flat ratio,that is,the tire is thinner,the feedback to the road condition is clearer and controlled;It also has less distortion and better grip because of the larger contact area,which is why many sports cars and racing cars have large hub sizes.
  Hub manufacturers believe that the lack of large hub can not be ignored,because in order to balance,hub size,flat ratio low,thin tire wall,then it ride comfort is weak,and the relative fuel consumption will increase,so it is not because it is expensive it has no shortcomings.If you are very concerned about the economy of fuel consumption,in the hub size of the choice can try to choose a smaller.
  But why is flatness so important?Hub width is the distance between the bulges on both sides of the hub.We usually say that the hub width is 7J,8J,the number represents the width of the hub,7J represents the width of 7 inches,J is the common hub type.The width of the wheel hub determines the width of the tire,so there is a corresponding standard for the width of the wheel hub installed with different J values.


  If the original 17 inch hub,but want to change to a larger size,such as 18 inch hub,then its corresponding J value is higher,according to the formula the diameter difference between the old and new tires should be controlled at about 3%,so as to ensure the safety of driving,so it is optional tire is wider,natural tire wall is thinner.
  If you don't mind the increase in fuel consumption and think the larger size is better,then there are a lot of considerations when driving after buying.Because the hub is larger,the tire is wider,and the tire wall is thinner,so if you do not pay attention to it,the probability of bulging or a flat tire will be much higher than the small hub.
  Urban sections will inevitably often have manhole covers,speed bumps,including some deep and shallow pits,over these places,can not roll up as far as possible not to roll;If you have to roll,try to reduce the speed,otherwise it is easy to make the tires bulge,too much consumption,but also increase the risk of driving.So if you're an old driver,you can choose the big wheel,and if you're a new driver,you just want to buy a car to go around,you can try the big wheel in a few years.