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​Talking about the measurement and adjustment of w

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  The utility model belongs to the field of transportation and is suitable for the axles of trailers.In actual use,due to the actual road conditions,U-bolt loosening,tension rod bushing clearance becomes larger,tension rod adjusting bolt loosening and other reasons,it will cause the change of isoseles and left and right wheelbase parameters of the trailer.When the overrun is serious,there will be the phenomenon of vehicle tail slayings,off-track and abnormal tire wear.So how to test and adjust the wheelbase of the trailer?Let's find out.

American axle

  Correct test method:
  1.Clean the head of the traction pin and mark it on the ground with a lifting hammer based on the center of the traction pin.
  2.Check the sharp cone of the post with the wheelbase,and mark the center point of 1,2 axle shaft head end cover on the ground with a lifting hammer.
  The standard of isosceles and wheelbase is:
  Isosceles:from the mark point in the center of the traction pin to the mark point at both ends of the shaft,the left and right dimensions difference is less than 6 mm.
  Wheelbase:the distance between the left and right center markers of the first bridge and the second bridge and the third bridge,namely,A1 and A2;The size difference between A3 and A4 is less than 3 mm.

Inboard drum axle series

  Adjustment of isosceles and wheelbase:when the isosceles wheelbase data of the axle exceeds the standard,it needs to be adjusted.
  1.First adjust the first bridge(reference bridge),remove the split pin on the four lock bolts of the adjustable tension rod and loosen the nut during adjustment.
  2.Rotate the six-sided double-headed screw in the adjustable tie rod to move the axle forward(back)and ensure that the left and right isosceles of the axle are within the standard range.
  3.After isosceles adjustment,the previous bridge is used as the reference,and the distance between the first bridge and the second bridge is measured with the wheelbase measuring pole.Repeat the above steps to adjust the second bridge and so on to adjust the third bridge.If the out-of-tolerance of the checked data is large,it is necessary to re-measure isosceles and wheelbase once again after an adjustment.
  4.When the isosceles and wheelbase of the trailer are adjusted well,the locking bolt on the pulling rod must be tightened and the split pin installed.
  When there is no wheelbase measuring post at the user's site,the following methods can be used:
  1.With the help of a square,find the same position at both ends of the axle and mark it on the ground with a lifting hammer.
  Note:Note that this method cannot be used for the deformation of the axle end cover.
  2.When measuring the wheelbase of two adjacent axles,the tape measure can be used to measure the same position on the edge of the steel ring of two axles.The error of this method can be slightly larger and can be used temporarily.
  The detection and adjustment of the wheelbase of the trailer is introduced here.I hope it will be helpful to you.For more information,please feel free to visit our website.