New technologies and processes are applied to integrally formed axles

Long'an District observation group to Feng Bao hea

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  On March 26,Wang Junhua,the standing committee member and executive deputy district chief of Long'an District of Anyang City,accompanied by Yang Hongrui,deputy general manager of Fengbao Special Steel and executive deputy general manager of Fengbao Heavy Engineering,and more than 40 people visited Fengbao Heavy Engineering.

Long'an District observation group to Feng Bao heavy branch observation

  Long An area focus group one line to the phoenix BaoChong section view in fully automatic casting production line,Yang Hongrui focus to the focus group introduced the first set of 2 180 cases KW/H Germany full automatic double host molding equipment,melting,core making,casting,transportation,shot blasting,polishing,painting are all intelligent full automation equipment,combined with the modelling of positive and negative two-way compaction technology,the online X-ray detection,The casting is not landed in the whole process to ensure the accuracy and safety of the casting.Enthusiastic explanation,advanced axle equipment,left a deep impression for everyone.