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Briefly talk about the use and installation of hub

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To ensure safety and reliability,it is always a good idea to check the hub.Such ability discovers a problem as soon as possible,solve hidden trouble,ensure use safety!The following we on the wheel hub in the use and installation of the problems will appear for you to make the following summary,I hope to help you.

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1.Pay attention to whether there are early warning signs of bearing wear:this includes friction noise during any rotation or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheel when turning.For rear-wheel drive vehicles,it is recommended that the front hub bearings be lubricated when the vehicle travels to 38000 km.When replacing the brake system,check the bearing and replace the oil seal.
2.If you hear the noise from the hub bearing part,find the location of the noise.If it is confirmed to be noise in the bearing,the bearing may be damaged and needs to be replaced.
3.Hub bearings are more sensitive.In the process of storage,transportation and installation,the components of bearings can not be damaged.Some bearings need greater pressure,so you need special tools,be sure to refer to the automobile manufacturing instructions.
4.Trailer axle parts manufacturers remind you of the hub bearing unit,do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit,otherwise it will cause damage to the seal ring and lead to water or dust entering.Even the raceways of the sealing ring and inner ring are damaged,resulting in the failure of bearings.

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5,many bearings are sealed,this kind of bearing in the whole life is not need to add grease.Other non-sealed bearings such as double row tapered roller bearings must be lubricated with grease during installation.Because the size of the inner cavity of the bearing is different,it is difficult to determine how much oil to add.It is important to ensure that there is oil in the bearing.If the oil is too much,when the bearing rotates,the excess oil will ooze out.General experience:during installation,the total amount of grease should account for 50%of the clearance of bearings.
6.The size of torque varies greatly when installing the lock nut due to the different bearing type and bearing seat.Refer to the instructions.